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Brookwood Elementary School in the Dalton City School system became a Georgia Department of Education STEM certified school in 2014 and was the 12th Georgia school to be STEM Certified by the Georgia Department of Education. Prior to 2014, teachers and administrators at Brookwood had always felt led to extend student learning beyond the classroom walls. With teachers across grade-levels naturally beginning to make a consistent effort to expose students to our local and global environmental needs by utilizing all green areas surrounding the school, it became apparent that this direction was increasing student learning in all subject areas and was captivating the interest of Brookwood students of all ages. The positive impact and student growth from these STEM lessons became overwhelmingly evident, and it was then decided STEM education was the future of Brookwood School. With support from the district, Brookwood began the journey to STEM certification. The result of the unparalleled determination and work ethic of all the staff at Brookwood was a robust STEM curriculum complete with overarching grade-level research questions and a framework to house on-going data collection year after year. This work was recognized by the state of Georgia when Brookwood School became a STEM certified elementary school in 2014. Since that time, the staff at Brookwood have committed to become true life-long learners and experts in immersing students in a STEM education that will provide the foundation for nature-literate and environmentally conscious generations for years to come.

At Brookwood, we have implemented a place-based learning model which connects students of all grades (Pre K - 5) to the environment that surrounds them. Our focus on environmental sustainability is developmentally present in every grade level, but within each grade level, students address a specific STEM research question that encourages them to dive deeper and think beyond the traditional academic standards. Using research, problem solving, data collection, and fundamental partnerships, our students become experienced scientists that instinctively wonder about the world around them. From trapping turtles for hands-on analysis at the local park beside our school in collaboration with Dalton State College to partnering with the University of Georgia to study and track migration patterns of monarch butterflies, the regularly occurring STEM integrated lessons at Brookwood continue to take our students and staff on journeys they could have never imagined possible.


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