Principal's Welcome

Photo of Mrs. Bridenstine, school principal

Welcome to Brookwood School—a pre-kindergarten through fifth grade program that offers students a place-based Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) education where they are safe and loved. The family experience provided by Brookwood is one that allows curiosity and exploration to be the catalyst of learning. We believe that we provide what Dalton Public Schools holds forth as its vision which is: World class learning that prepares students for college, career and civic life.  This is our daily promise and commitment to both our children and ourselves.

This collective commitment begins each day with our Brookwood Pledge:

 “We are Brookwood. 

We are kind and respectful. 

We listen and follow directions. 

We are prepared and ready to learn. 

We have good manners and character. 

We are Brookwood!”

In order for students to become responsible, contributing citizens in our rapidly changing and interdependent world, they need to be equipped with the necessary academic and interpersonal skills. We wholeheartedly believe in providing a safe, supportive learning environment that allows every student to be challenged and to learn at the rate most appropriate for them.

At Brookwood, we strive to provide every student with a rigorous academic program, one that focuses on building strong foundational skills as well as global thinking skills. Our students need to be prepared to live and work in our continually changing world where knowing how to be a learner and how to communicate their ideas to others is essential. In addition to our STEM program, our school community a safe and supportive after school program.  

We encourage family and community participation at Brookwood. Together we can do more for our students! We look forward to working in partnership with our families so that we can provide a delightful learning experience each day.  

Again, welcome to Brookwood!  

Mrs. Meleia P. Bridenstine, Ed. S.

Your Children's Principal