Welcome Letter From Principal

Brookwood Family,

I want to begin by thanking each of you for all the hard work and good times you’ve helped create at Brookwood School. All success in any endeavor can be traced directly back to the people who make it happen. You ALL help make Brookwood “happen,” and it’s because of you that Brookwood is turning into such a “happening” place.

I hope you’ve sensed the excitement building at Brookwood School. We’ve worked in new ways to direct resources toward tools that make learning more meaningful - not to mention more interesting and fun - for students. We’ve also found new ways of using resources that are sometimes taken for granted such as time and space to positively impact both classroom and extra-curricular learning.

I challenge each of you who read this message to get involved in continuing to make Brookwood School a “happening” place to be. Even if you’re already here every day, I encourage you to find even more effective ways of making student learning as meaningful and lasting as possible. If you have good ideas, please share.

Everything we do here focuses on student success. I am proud of our successes so far, and I am incredibly proud to be your principal.

Kindest regards,

Celeste Martin, Principal

Dr. Celeste Martin